Foreign exchange “reserve ratio reduction”!

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Foreign exchange “reserve ratio reduction”!
In order to improve the ability of financial institutions to use foreign exchange funds, the people’s Bank of China decided to reduce the foreign exchange reserve ratio of financial institutions by 2 percentage points from September 15, 2022, that is, the foreign exchange reserve ratio was reduced from the current 8% to 6%.
By the end of August, a total of 3.52 trillion yuan of special bonds had been issued
On September 5, the Information Office of the State Council held a regular briefing on the policies of the State Council today. Assistant Minister of Finance Owen Han said at the meeting that as of the end of August, a total of 3.52 trillion yuan of special bonds had been issued, and the amount used for project construction had been basically issued, which was much earlier than previous years. At the same time, new infrastructure and new energy projects will be included in the key support scope of special bonds to better play the role of special bonds in driving the expansion of effective investment.
In August, China’s express development index was 311, up 12.9% month on month
The website of the State Post Office released the China Express development index report in August 2022 on the 5th. It is estimated that China’s express development index in August 2022 was 311, an increase of 12.9% month on month.
Among them, the development scale index and development capacity index were 362.6 and 200.8, respectively, up 4.7% and 6.2% year-on-year; The service quality index and development trend index were 450.8 and 67.6 respectively, up 33.9% and down 1.8% month on month. The overall operation of the industry is stable and the recovery momentum is good.
Enterprise dynamics
ByteDance Pico officially announced the brand upgrade and committed to becoming a world-class XR platform
On September 5, 2022, Pico, a brand of ByteDance, released a new vision and mission. In the future, Pico will be committed to “becoming a leading world-class XR platform, achieving developers and creators, and creating a better life experience for global consumers”. At the same time, Pico has also refreshed its brand logo, font and other visual signs to fully meet the needs of brand globalization strategy and multi scene development.
Founded in 2015, Pico merged into ByteDance last year and established bytedxr business line on the basis of the original VR business. While upgrading hardware technology and enriching content ecology, Pico also successively set up offices in Europe, Japan, South Korea and other regions to actively expand the international market. It is reported that the pico 4 VR all-in-one, a new generation product, will also be released globally from September to October.
The price increase of BYD’s new energy models is untrue news
On September 5, there was market news that BYD informed internally that due to the sharp rise in raw material prices and the decline in subsidies for new energy vehicle purchase, BYD would adjust the official guidance prices of new energy models related to and by 6000-10000 yuan, and FV models by 10000 yuan. The person in charge of BYD said that the information was false and untrue.
Porsche considers opening IPO subscription to European retail investors
According to Bloomberg’s report on September 5, an insider disclosed that Volkswagen is considering opening the subscription of Porsche’s initial public offering (IPO) to European retail investors.
According to reports, these anonymous sources said that Volkswagen is negotiating with local banks to provide retail investors in countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy with the right to subscribe for some shares of Porsche in the Frankfurt IPO. One of them said that the proportion of shares open to retail investors would not exceed 5%. However, the insider stressed that the review is ongoing and the Volkswagen Group has not yet made a final decision.
According to Bloomberg’s previous report, Porsche’s planned IPO is valued at $85 billion. If there is no unexpected market shock, Porsche plans to announce its listing intention in Frankfurt in the first week of September after the approval of the supervisory board. According to the report, red bull, LVHM, T. Rowe price, the leader of asset management, and Qatar Investment Authority have all expressed their investment intentions for Porsche’s proposed IPO.
International News
The exchange rate of euro against US dollar hit a new low
On the morning of September 5 local time, the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany once fell to 1 euro to US $0.9869, breaking below 1 euro to US $0.99 for the first time and hitting a new low since 2002.
European natural gas futures rose 30% in opening
According to Russian media reports on September 5, the price of natural gas futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange once rose to US $2800 / thousand cubic meters after opening, an increase of more than 30%. The September futures price of the Netherlands TTF index rose to 2853 US dollars per thousand cubic meters, or 279 euros per megawatt hour.
It is reported that the rise in European natural gas prices is related to the indefinite suspension of gas supply to Europe by the “beixi-1″ pipeline. On September 2, Gazprom said that the only compressor left in the “beixi-1″ pipeline had oil leakage, and they would resume gas supply after eliminating the compressor failure. The report quoted sources as saying that it is unlikely to restore gas supply in the near future.
France’s natural gas reserves have exceeded the target, or it will send natural gas to Germany
On the afternoon of September 5 local time, French President macron held a video conference with German Chancellor Scholz. Macron said at the press conference after the meeting that France’s natural gas reserves have exceeded the storage targets, and the current reserves are 92% – 93%. “France is ready for the worst that may happen in winter.”
Macron said that France “supports common natural gas procurement practices” and will support the acquisition of cheaper natural gas through the European Union through common purchase. In addition, he also expressed support for levying windfall profits tax on the profits of energy companies within the EU and returning the money to countries to finance their targeted national measures.
Macron said, “Germany needs natural gas from France, while France needs electricity from other countries in the European Union, especially Germany. France will determine the necessary natural gas pipeline connection with Germany in the next few weeks.”
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