Eight science creators tell the stories behind major national technologies in the video series “Engineering Dreams” launched by Toutiao

Challenging the sea floor of 10,909 meters, the “Striver” submersible successfully dived into the Mariana Trench, what technical difficulties do we need to overcome?

How did Chinese roadmen conquer the “sea of death” by building more than 1,200 kilometers of road in the windswept Taklimakan Desert?

On September 19, the video series “Engineering Dreams” was launched on Toutiao. Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Pin first, will be invited to the Chinese Academy of Engineering chief expert Tian Xiaochuan Chen Junshi, China society of naval architecture and Marine engineering, institute of atmospheric physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences research associate Wei Ke and other scientists, and @ GouSheng teacher, Dr @ trinity headlines today science quality creators, surrounding ocean exploration, aerospace, climate control and engineering, artificial intelligence, and other fields, To describe the development of major national science and technology projects.

“Engineering Dreams” video series involves a total of 8 scientific topics, with 5 videos for each topic; Each episode lasts about 10 minutes. Starting from September 19, the videos will be launched on Toutiao and Watermelon Video, with four episodes, and one theme will be updated every week.

In the four videos, Chen Junshi will talk about the national food safety management and improvement project, and Wei Ke will explain the causes of extreme weather in southwest China in recent years. Popular science writer @Gusheng, lecturer at Xi ‘an Aeronautical University, and Dr. @Sany, lecturer at Chang ‘an University, will also introduce the development history of the PLA Air Force fighter jet “Family 20″ and the history of road construction in the Taklimakan Desert.

According to the relevant person in charge of Toutiao, the video series “Engineering Dreams” is an important content of the platform’s “It’s Very Scientific” special activity. “It’s Scientific” is an annual online theme campaign launched by Toutiao Science Channel on the occasion of the 2022 National Science Popularization Day. It aims to show users the power of China’s science and technology, and let ordinary people know the development status and the stories behind the country’s major projects.

In addition to the “Engineering Dreams” video series, “This is very scientific” also launched the “What you see and what you Get is very scientific” and “Hot Spots from a scientific perspective” essay contest, inviting more scientific creators and users to participate and share their insights.



Post time: Sep-23-2022