Live up to the mission to forge an iron army of journalism

“Beijing Daily is the newspaper of the people of Beijing.” “It not only relies on the staff of the newspaper to contact the people and deepen their work and life, but also depends on the broad masses of Beijing people… “Under the leadership of the Party and the people’s government… So that it will shoulder the task of collective propagandist and organizer in the future construction of the capital “…… The Inaugural Words published in the inaugural issue of Beijing Daily on October 1, 1952 clearly defined the purpose of running the newspaper and inspired generations of Party newspaper members.

Since its founding 70 years ago, Beijing Daily has said goodbye to lead and fire and developed from a single paper media to an all-media matrix. Media forms are changing with each passing day. What remains unchanged is the original aspiration of Party newspaper workers: to be of the same mind with the Party, to walk with The Times, and to keep pace with the development of the capital.
Integrity and innovation to show strong combat effectiveness

In the past 70 years, Beijing Daily has formed the distinctive characteristics of the capital Party newspaper and established a solid mainstream media status. Here like a hot furnace, with lofty ideals, strict discipline temper and forge batches of remember the original mission of the Party newspaper.
In 1995, Ding Shiqun, the first proofreader, won the second “Taofen Journalism Award” and was the first journalist in Beijing to win the award. CAI, who has worked in Beijing Daily for nearly 20 years, planned and launched the columns of “Market Shortwave”, “Window industry insight” and “Benefit Opening”, and won the third “Fan Changjiang News Award” in 1998. As the former editorial board member and director of Theory Department of Beijing Daily, Li Qiao kept working despite his illness after receiving liver transplant, and co-founded the famous magazine Theory Weekly…
“On the spot, it’s our responsibility!” From the devastated Wenchuan after the earthquake to the flood-fighting front line where rainstorms ravaged the river banks, from the fight against SARS to the fight against the COVID-19, from the “City of the Summer Olympics” to the “City of the Double Olympics”, and from the banks of the Seine River to the Ganges River, Beijing Daily reporters have been present. Party newspaper reporters in a time of news combat, with excellent political literacy, superb business ability, showed a strong combat effectiveness.

In 2018, based on the long-established “Beijing Daily Current Affairs Lecture Hall”, Beijing Daily enriched the contents of theoretical study, practical research, reading and exchange, and created a new brand of Party building learning — “Beijing News Four Classes”, including “Theory Hall”, “Current affairs Lecture Hall”, “practice class” and “Learning Style School”.

“In modern times, there are ‘four halls of Oracle bones’ to excavate the treasures of human civilization, which is of profound significance to inherit and carry forward traditional culture; Now there is a capital party newspaper learning brand, advancing with The Times to lead the trend of learning.” Talking about the origin and connotation of the establishment of “Four Halls of Beijing News”, Zhao Jingyun, president of Beijing Daily, said. The “Four Halls of Beijing News” makes the innovation of Party construction and Party newspaper culture reach a high degree of coordination and unity, the brand is more and more bright, and plays a significant role in forging a team of Party newspaper workers who are honest and innovative.

Dig into the grass roots to gather “dirt”

Lean down, sink your heart, examine the truth, tell the truth, move the truth. Beijing Daily has kept pace with the progress of the capital, and its reporters have been going deep into the grassroots, documenting the city’s gradual changes with their pens and cameras.
Liu Guanghe, who was transferred to Beijing Daily as a reporter in 1965, once recalled the experience of standing at the counter with Zhang Binggui. In the summer of 1977, Liu Guanghe and several comrades from the newspaper interviewed Zhang Binggui, a national model worker, for many times. Upon arriving at Wangfujing Department Store, he and Zhang received customers together, helped him collect money and arrange wrapping paper. At the end of the day, his back was sore and his legs were sore.

Master Zhang sells sugar “a catch”, “a clear” is how to practice? After more than 20 days of standing at the counter and interviewing, several reporters accumulated a large number of news materials, wrote three newsletters, but also summed up the “fire” spirit, the article after the newspaper caused a great response in the society, Zhang Binggui became a banner of the national commercial front. “The new generation of young journalists should open their legs to the grassroots, to the people, carefully observe and experience, will be able to write a popular masterpiece.” This is the old generation of party newspaper Liu Guanghe’s true aspirations. Man Yunlai, former president of Beijing Daily, and Jiao Baoqiang, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper, co-wrote an article titled “Five Thousand Li Road with a Duck” when they were journalists. This reporter reported with his own experience as an escort, reflecting the hardships of grassroots workers transporting ducks from Beijing to Shenzhen.

According to statistics, since August 2011, when the communist party’s propaganda department five departments such as deployment in news front “grass-roots style, change style” activities, the Beijing daily and launched “spring go grassroots” “festival, they stick to the” scientific development of brilliant “five years” the transformation of old village people’s livelihood project “series and so on more than 20 theme propaganda columns.

Hard not refuge, iron shoulder bridge. In 2018, Beijing Daily Mass Labor Internal Reference Department received complaints from residents of Jinhuiyuan Community in Shijingshan that more than 160 households had not received property ownership certificates after 10 years of residence. Reporter Zhang Shuling conducted in-depth investigation and visited, brought back a pile of relevant materials, litigation documents, complaint letters and replies from multiple departments, verified and analyzed evidence by evidence, and finally clarified the historical problems stuck in the handling of residential property ownership certificate. On October 29, 2018, the in-depth report “Why it is Difficult to get the Property Ownership Certificate after 10 years of occupancy” was published in the newspaper, which was highly valued by the municipal Party committee leaders and promoted the solution of this difficult problem of people’s livelihood.

Starting from the urban characteristics of Beijing and following the social hot spots that citizens are most concerned about, a number of in-depth and influential “walk to change” articles have been published in the media.

On July 21, 2012, Beijing was hit by a heavy rainstorm. July 24 to August 17, Beijing Daily 5 batches of 23 groups of 36 person-times rushed to the disaster area, continued to report 24 days in the squat, innovation launched “I in the squat” column, published 109 articles, more than 100 photos, the number of reports, high quality, by the readers and the praise of the municipal committee. In the face of the rain, almost all the new young reporters rotated to the front line, and many old reporters and even night editors also eagerly signed up and rushed ahead.

What is more commendable is, in the practice that walks basic level, PARTY newspaper reporter has own deep thinking. “The courage to reveal problems, to tell the truth, to tell the truth, to do objective and truthful reporting, to build a media image.” In 2009, journalist Yu Lishuang wrote an article titled “Investigation of the First Auction of Land Transfer”, telling readers that behind the hype of auction companies, “the first auction of China’s rural land transfer” was false.

The excellent tradition of walking at the grassroots level is still continuing, and excellent works of “dipping in dirt” are frequently born. In 2021, Beijing Daily reporters went into construction sites, rural areas and communities, and dug deep into columns such as “Spring at the grassroots level” to tell the spring story of the people in the capital consolidating and improving the achievements of a moderately prosperous society and starting a new journey of modernization; In the same year, special columns such as “Street and Township Reporting” were launched to dig up fresh cases at the grassroots level and publicize the experience and practices of each district and unit in the management of backstreets and alleys and the promotion of garbage classification.

Live up to the mission and continue to write the glory of the new era

The Party newspaper reporter team keeps the vigorous vitality forever, cannot leave the newspaper “the old leads the new” fine tradition. Pass on the fire, give each other, the reporter team work together, together write the glory of the party newspaper.
Fu Li, deputy director of the current five-color soil editorial department, clearly remembers the experience of having just entered the office before long and met the president to help revise the manuscript. In August 1994, he took a bus from his work to Miyun District for an interview, and the president was already in the car. When he finished the interview on the same day, the president said, “You have finished writing the manuscript and bring it to me tomorrow morning.” The next day, President Manchu circled dots and sketched on the manuscript. The manuscript was reasonably and cleverly divided into two pieces, which greatly enhanced the idea, perspective and layout. “The good atmosphere of mutual care, solidarity and friendship, democracy and openness of Beijing Daily has been handed down and carried forward, like the spring breeze blowing willow, like the silent spring rain, nourishing generations of young editors and reporters to constantly forge ahead and grow up healthily.” Fu Li can’t forget the past.
Ben Mingli, who joined the newspaper in 1961, once recalled that the strict attitude of the old generation of editors and reporters in Beijing Daily and the good atmosphere advocated by the newspaper to go deep into the reality deeply influenced and encouraged the young generation, and let the new reporters be strict with themselves. “Going out and staying down is the fine tradition of the Party’s journalism; No matter how much the society changes, it will not go out of fashion. To run a newspaper or be a journalist, we should always take it as a basic skill.” ‘said Benming.

What was it like working with the leaders? Many journalists who are still active on the front line have experienced this. In 2014, the national news front “Marching China · Wonderful Stories” large-scale themed interview activity was launched, and the newspaper launched a column “Walking with the New Beijing — Go grassroots, change style, Change style of writing”. Social leaders and journalists engaged in hot on-site research and interview together, resulting in a series of blockbuster articles such as Entering 3W Dream Cafe and Visiting Peony Garden Again.
A bright report card, highlighting the powerful influence of the capital Party newspaper. In recent years, the good news of Beijing Daily is frequent: in 2021, a total of 6 collectives and 13 individuals won the national and municipal honors and commendations in various fields, “Memory of light and shadow” and other 4 works won the thirty-first China Journalism Award; In 2020, two works, including the “Governor of Chang ‘an Avenue” wechat official account, won the 30th China Journalism Award. Journalist Jia Xiaohong won the title of National Advanced Individual in fighting COVID-19 and National Outstanding Communist Party Member… In the tide of media integration, Beijing Daily has explored a way of media integration with the characteristics of the capital’s Party newspaper. Journalists and editors are also fighting in the front line of news with a more active posture, wearing smart devices. Now, Beijing Daily Financial Media communication matrix has 20 million-level fan platforms and 6 million-level fan platforms, with an audience of more than 320 million and growing continuously. The Capital Party Newspaper Group’s communication power, influence, guidance power, credibility has been greatly improved, in the history of the most extensive influence period.

People in the heart, shoulder responsibility. To speak for the Party, sing for the city, speak for the people, keep history true, and be a participant in social development and a promoter of The Times are the professional responsibility and eternal mission of the reporters of the Party newspaper in the Capital.

Post time: Sep-26-2022